Self reliance: still the best.

Sometimes in life you’ve just got to rely on yourself. In this life we will struggle. But most of the time its the struggles that puts us to the test. A test which will show if were strong enough to go on or to weak to give a damn. We will all suffer. That’s a fact. If the world had its perfections we would never learn how to deal with the imperfections that may be thrown at us.

We all just gotta fight. Not like a war , but fight for our strengths when the world turns us down. Its true we will all break down at anything when we feel pain. Physically and emotionally. Its human race. Don’t be afraid to shed a tear. It doesn’t show your weak at all , it just shows your inner pain that you just want to drain out. Its fact that if we attempt to hide our feelings true say that it will work for a while to fool the ones we love , but aren’t we just fooling ourselves? We’ll break down eventually anyways.

In this life together or alone we will face battles but in both situations we will learn a lot. You struggle together – you learn to love and cooperate and you see how is willing to go through the pain with you and that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’ll be okay ..


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