Stress free Burger Monday…

Stressed from work and believe me I’m barking like a dog due to my cough and colds. And I was about to go overtime, but fortunately my officemates and friends didnt want to do OT, lazy folks (like me) decided to go to Starbucks for a hot coffee. when we’re on our way, we decided to eat out and we thought “hey why not go to Burger Avenue”.

The food was so damn good, Crispy Bacon Burger was heaven, with matching fries and onion rings. I couldnt help but eat as much as I can… stress therapy? yes. I felt so alive after I finished one large burger. And we were so amazed at this guy, he joined the contest wherein you have to finish this really huge burger in 5 minutes and he did it, in like 3-4 mins. whoa!Β  We thought of trying it the next time we visit the place.

Next stop, we went to have coffee as planned, so we went to Starbucks for a Mocchiato Grande. I was stuffed, and the mocchiato made my whole day. I enjoyed the night I spent with them, made me feel relaxed and forget work and other stressful stuffs even just for a while.

Tomorrow back to work? Yes. I’m looking forward to the next dinner I’ll have with you guys.. ^_^v

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