his letter to a loved one…

I was so bored last night, I read an article from a blog… He (yes he’s a HE… lol) was sharing his heart out, there was this girl that no matter how hard he tried, he still cant have her.. aww… so sad. why can’t all guys be this sensitive. (hahaha!) He wrote a letter to this girl, but he didn’t get the chance to give it to her.. She’s a lucky girl ^_^… awww…  Here’s what the letter says: (actually its a long letter, this is sort of a summary)

Though I wish for it not to go, though I tell it to stop, my heart keeps moving towards you. It doesn’t wear out, it doesn’t even weaken… Why is my love like this? One by one, I count the memories. My heart can’t rest for even a moment. It will just become a baggage that’s hard to control. I can’t even throw them away, why?

Even if I stretched out my hands, mo matter how much I call out your name, you’re still so far away from me. It will be a love that causes painful scars… why can’t I erase it?

I must have become a fool that’s blind from love. In this one place, everyday that one place, I’m looking at a sad light and that is you. Even though I don’t want to cry, my tears won’t stop. I love you, only you… Can’t you just tell me? Just one word… The one phrase that you love to say to that someone, can’t you just tell me?

I try to comfort myself with the lie that I’m happy if you just smile because the place you’re going towards is not me. That’s why this lonely tear flows.

My heart must have done something… somehow… I can’t have you, I can’t forget you… I’m always waiting for you day by day.

I must have gotten ill from missing you so much, from loving you too much There’s this one thing… your heart, that one thing… can’t you just share it with me? Can’t you love me?


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