The most beautiful birthday gift of all…

I suddenly remembered a special someone when I hear the word birthday… All of us, including me are fond of having celebrations, parties and most of all receiving gifts. I never imagined or even realized that a simple note of request would mean a lot to this person. There was this girl who wanted to find the perfect gift to give, but unluckily, the day ended and she found none. So to her disappointment, she wrote this letter instead:

“Happy Birthday. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a gift suitable for you. I just have this wish on your birthday, that you may have good health, a lot more patience, and a whole lot of love for us. I thank you for always taking care of us even though we often take you for granted or ignore you at most times. For being there especially at our worst times and for simply being there. Β I also have this request: Please Pray for me, like you always do. That I may find the right way so I can have a good life, stable job and a good and happy family like yours. Β I Love you and again Happy Birthday.”

to her surprise, she found a letter in her journal the next day, and it was from her saying:

“Thank you for opening up. I have long waited for this time when you will ask my help in praying. Even if you dont ask, I have been praying for you already because I can see and feel that things are not doing well for you lately. I felt it because I am Mama. If you only know that I attempted to ask you what’s goin on lately but it seems to me that you are avoiding me, most of the time and for me this simply means that you dont need my help after all. You asking me for prayers is the greatest gift I have received from you on my birthday.

I know that there are a lot of things that happened in your life that came blow by blow that placed you in the situation that you dont know how to handle it anymore, that’s why you made poor decisions because you handled it alone. I may be busy but Im always here for you. I also know that you have experienced a lot of frustrations, disaapointments, hurts, discontentments and this include the past two relationships you had. Anak, this is the time for you to reflect and look back. What went wrong so it can be avoided in the future. This is not the end. Somebody worthy of you will come when God thinks you’re ready. He is simply telling you to slow down and focus on more important matters and that is him, your family and your career that you seem to have neglected for quite some time. The key to success is talking to him almost all the time.

Life is a race. It’s up to you if you will continue to run or stop. Running meaning you’re willing to fight and win it till the end, and stopping means giving up. I love you and I will continue praying for you.”

This was my letter to my mom and her response. I was deeply moved, felt guilty and most of all felt so lucky to have a mom like hers. I just remembered: It’s Mama Mary’s birthday and it made me realize that I have two great moms: her and my real mom… ^_^


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