nako naman!Ü


Grabe of all the times to be stuck here in the mall doing nothing. So ayan, sa sobrang kape at cake, wala na kong magawa, so I thought why not take advantage of a free wi fi and write something. hahaha.


I saw this couple in the coffee shop and they are sort of like having an arguement. They’re voices were like “hey listen to what we’re fighting about” haha… I’m not saying na I love watching couples fight… that would be weird. What I love is that even though they’re fighting, at the end of the day you’ll see them hugging each other, saying their sorry and what not. Anyways, I tried my best and here’s what I’ve heard from their arguement. (haha I would have been so bored without this couple)

The guy was like saying, “hindi kita maintindihan eh. suddenly you’re this ngayon iba naman. Ang moody mo eh.” (I hate to gossip but THAT really caught my attention. He reminded me of someone, not in a good way but he really did.)

Then the girl answered back, “eh kung moody ako ano ka pa? I’m also trying my best to understand you, I really am. But you’re getting into my nerves. Minsan when you’re in a bad mood, I try to console you so you might tell me what’s wrong but you’ll just say, ‘Lets not talk about it okay’, So what do you expect me to do. I feel like I’m just a girlfriend by title, gnun lang.” (BANG!)

I can see from the guy that he was really pissed, trying to control himself because hey! they’re in a public place, his answer was just this, “Alam mo, di ko alam ang sasabihin ko. San nanggaling tong mga ‘to?” (ahem, Playing safe ka! haha kunwari ndi mo alam.)

then the girl was like, “I don’t know, it just came out. I think its not working anymore.” (UH OH! MAGBBREAK NA ATA SILA!)

the guy’s face just turned like he’s panicking or something… I didn’t wanna look dahil prang ang sakit nung feeling nung nasa ganung situation, but I can’t help but listen more.  Ang bilis ng pangyayari eh. haha

So in short, the couple was like speechless for more like 4 minutes, and they girl was like she wanted to cry.. pero shempre gagawa sila ng eksena pag ganun. I think the guy saw it and maybe, just maybe he realized something. So he reached out for her girlfriend’s hand and he said, “Okay I’m sorry, I know we’re both moody or ill-tempered persons. Minsan you may get hurt by me ignoring you when I’m in a bad mood or sometimes I take it all on you. Eto lang ang sasabihin ko sa’yo, since we both know how it feels kapag napapagbalingan natin ang isa’t isa, dapat naintindihan na natin at tanggap na natin na ganun tayo dba? Love naman kita kahit ganyan ka, eh ako ba?”

I felt like saying “AWWW” pero pinigilan ko sarili ko.. (baka mahalata nilang nakikinig ako haha)

The girl, cant help herself, and giggled. The guy, making a weird face just said, “oh ano na, pinagtawanan mo pa ko.”  Then the girl just said, “sa tingin mo kung ndi kita love I would still be here tolerating your moods? I’m hanging on to this relationship kasi I think you’re worth all of this.” (tapos the girl reached out for his bf’s face and gave him a kiss on the cheek.)

Grabe, this time natulala ako. Parang nanonood lang ako ng love story sa tv eh. TAENA! ang swerte naman nito! I can’t help but think na sana ganito din ako, na may ganito din akong partner, who would accept you, get to know you and tell you you’re worth all the pain, the stress! Oh well ayun, and they ended up laughing at each other, at nagutom ata sila sa away nila at nagsecond round ng kape at bagel. haha I wish my friend Maia was with me at that time. Ang dami siguro naming napagusapan, about what we have right now, how we ended up in this situation, and how we handled it. Grabe mamimiss ko tong mga ganito pag nag iba na ang environment ko…


By the way, yung conversation nila was soooo long, pinili ko na lang yung nakacaught ng attention ko.. kasi to tell you the truth, major away sila at sumbatan galore.. hahaha but it doesn’t matter, they still end up together and happy.. That’s all that matters.Ü


2 thoughts on “nako naman!Ü

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    • Thank you.. 🙂 my site is personalized, I uploaded those pictures in my background as well as my header. You can do the same, you can craet it in your css creator i think.

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