Isn’t it strange?

Isn’t it strange? Realizing you love someone it just hits you one day. All of a sudden they’re all you think about and when you’re thinking about them you either have a smile on your face, or tears running down your cheeks. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you just lay there and think about them. You don’t want to go out anywhere, unless you know they’re going to be there and once you’re there, you don’t want to be anywhere else. And than all your friends, and your family ask you if you’re okay… because you just seem so out of it and they wonder why you’ve been spending so much time in your room,  just laying there.

Well, Most girls say they want a fairy tale. But you taught me that it’s not really what I want. I want someone who will make fun of me & laugh at my jokes even if they aren’t funny and someone that wrestles with me and doesn’t let me win just because I’m a girl. Riding off into the sunset on a white horse would be nice, but playing thumb war with you seems much better.

(by Kristelle: strawberrytelle)



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