My Daily Wuht?! 120710

Aji’s weather forecast: A bit lazy today, can’t find other things to do since I finished everything last night. I came across this album, I saw this particular person and realized I am missing someone. It was a fun moment, we went out with friends, just a typical work day… not knowing there’s something wonderful in store for me that night. It was a great night, a lot of people were out that day, but it was not that crowded. We enjoyed the meal and I got the most sweetest surprise ever. It was the sweetest thing he did for me, maybe that’s why I couldn’t forget. I’m not into surprises but it definitely got my attention. And the best part is, it happened in front of my friends and everybody saw it even those who are eating around us. Embarrassed? yes at first, I didn’t expect him to do that. Maybe because he is my friend. Good times… good times… I miss the moment and the person. Ü


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