ang tamis oh!

Ang tamis! lol.

Dear future,

Being near you is indescribable, I could stay here all day; you’re so warm, the look in your eyes makes me so happy to be alive, the way your face feels, the way you move, every little thing you do. The smell of your hair that stays on me forever, the way you dry my eyes & promise me everything is going to be alright. The way you kiss me good night as we watch each other fall asleep. Your feet nudging mine as we hold our hands even tighter, could you be any more perfect if you tried? Your laugh, your smile, everything about you just makes me so happy. How you told me you were never going to leave. I would never have imagined anyone like you until I met you. You’re the 1st thing I think of in the morning & the last thing at night. The way you helplessly ask me to hold you. I’m in love. I’m sorry if I’m ever a mess it’s just there’s no need to put on a front when I’m with you, and sorry if I ever bore you to death, just being with you & wasting my time with you makes my day. I’m the luckiest woman because I have the greatest man, you’re the guy for me. You’re my other half and I could never ask for more. I’ll see you in the future.

Love always,

AjiΒ β™₯

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