My Daily Wuht?! 121410

Oh my God, my head really aches from last night’s party. I was expecting a session but maybe I’m just not in the mood to drink, but I did. haha. And just like yesterday, I woke up early… I really don’t know why. It’s nice waking up early today. It was cold, and I felt like running but I didn’t. I can’t. My heads still spinning from last night, I had too much to drink and I my body is just not in the mood for running. These past few days, I really sleep a lot. though I wake up too early but I sleep whenever I get the chance.

I started cleaning my stuffs, getting ready for the room to be painted. I came across these sketches that I had, some pictures that I printed meant to be placed on my scrap book but I didn’t get the chance to even start doing it. I was thinking AGAIN of putting other things in that scrapbook. Moments worth remembering… which means I still have to enjoy and make moments worth remembering. I already have lots, but I’m still looking forward to having more…Β 


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