My Daily Wuht?! 121610

First day of Simbang Gabi, and I made it. haha… A little sacrifice of waking up that early is nothing compared to all the blessings he has given me.

A typical day: cold but a huge crowd filled the streets. Some are just there, doing “Simbang Tabi”, students in uniforms getting ready to attend the mass, old folks in their sleeping clothes waiting for their order of freshly baked pandesal and some rushing thinking there will be no seats left for them in the church. Nakakatuwa, I’ll miss this the most, shempre tayo lang ata ang may simbang gabi. Plus the warm chit chattering with your family and friends before and after the mass, buying puto bumbong and sharing it with someone is the best feeling ever.

Funny, while on our way home, my cousin asked me, “Ate faj, nu pnagpray mo?” natawa ko. Such a young kid asking me that question. Sabi ko na lang,Β “pray ko sana bigyan ka nya ng bagong toy.” (like what every kid wants)Β Pero seriously, anu nga ba pinagdasal ko? Ang dami actually. Includes my usual prayer: for my family, my friends, for those whom I offended & for those who hurt me. And my special prayer for this year: Sana may kasama na ko ulit nagsisimba. That person who will never let go of my hand for real kahit tapos na kantahin ang “Ama Namin”. And it’s not temporary this time, na sana yung makakasama kong yun, sya na ang kasama kong magsisimba, for always. It may be old or new, sya ng bahala dun.

Cold Morning…

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