My Daily Wuht?! 121910

Fourth day of simbang gabi and I’m sneezing, sniffing and still tired from last night’s party. Even though I didn’t drink, I was too tired helping my mom prepare stuffs. The cooking is the most tiring of them all. I do love cooking but preparing different food with different ways of cooking is a mess. Imagine how will you cook 6 different food with just 2 stoves? and the worst is you have to finish them before 6. haha. My mom went ballistic and started panicking. But she did well, we did finish them all. Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! lol… but I was dead tired, after the meal I went up watched a couple of movies and died. haha. My sister was like, “what the hell? why are you here?”. She wouldn’t know how hard it is to prepare because she was out on a date and yet again, that’s why my mom got pissed. hahaha.

Also yesterday, a friend called me, the usual chit chat. He was ranting over an ex girlfriend who befriended her after the break up. So in short they’re friends, this guy friend of mine is really sweet in nature. The girl misunderstood the sweetness and thought that my friend wanted her back, which was not the case. She left him hanging without a word and now she thinks he wants her back. I don’t think so. I was laughing so hard when he was narrating everything, the expression and all. He told me that there was this instance in ym, where the girl would turn invi whenever he sees my friend online, and she is telling everyone she’s avoiding him. wtf? My friend was like, “Wuht? she’s avoiding me for no reason at all. Lol. She thought I was after us being together again. I never thought of it that way, actually it never crossed my mind.” I was like “you’re bad… maybe you did something that made her think that way..” You know what he replied? “You knew I was a sweet guy and I still am. I can befriend every person in the room right now. We were together for almost 4 yrs… If she really knew me, she wouldn’t think that way. Or If she really knew me, she would come up to me and say, ‘what the hell is this? are you trying to get us back together, because I don’t like it.’ right? like what we always do when we argue. I never hid anything from her, I was so transparent that even when my ex girlfriends text me, she would know. And now she’s like this… unbelievable.”

I was speechless because this was the first time I saw or I heard him speak that way. He doesn’t rant. He’s a cool guy, patient, always giving his best, for his girl. As much as I wanted to laugh because of how he narrates everything, I stopped myself. I though, if only this girl knew how much my friend loved her, she was lucky… not all guys are like that. And we can’t say that it’s God’s will or that it’s meant to be that they broke up or that they didn’t end up with each other. Like what a certain priest told in his Homily: It was never God’s will that two people break up or don’t last in a relationship or end up in a divorce. It’s the choice between two people, it’s the result/consequence of what they did. It’s their responsibility to make their own decisions and not God’s. Humans were given free will to decide for ourselves, so its not right to say ‘It’s God’s will’ that they ended up like that.”

It’s just sad, I didn’t know their story, not until yesterday when he told me. Before I thought, “Hey they look good together. They have this something that made me say they really fit together. They argue but they stick together. They are so different from each other but they see past their differences. They almost look like each other. They’re a cute couple and I’ll bet they’ll really end up together.” Sad that they ended up like this. Sad that after all theΒ arguments, the fun and everything that they’ve been through, she just decided to give up… left him hanging without a word. I’m still hoping that they can still patch things up and become friends again. Who knows, they might be really for each other, and this is just a phase that they have to pass. πŸ™‚

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