My Daily Wuht?! 122310

yep! another tiring day… still not done with the gift wrapping… padami ng padami ang babalutin ko hahaha, thanks to my dad. haish. but I’m enjoying it…

All Β of us are busy, with our own stuffs.. Lahat ata kami may inaanak na, maliban kay Clark, so lahat kami namomoblema sa ibibigay namin. Ang hirap mag isip ng gifts lalo na for the kids. But seeing them smile after receiving the presents is the best feeling every Christmas. I love giving gifts, warms my heart. Lalo na pag kids yung binibigyan ko… nakakatuwa kasi sila, kahit simpleng gift lang yan, tuwang tuwa na sila. Ako nga mababaw lang, kahit simpleng Christmas card or text natotouch na ko… It’s the thought that counts nga di ba…


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