My Daily Wuht?! 010811

Still sick. hay nako!!! I’ve been like this for 4 days already. anu ba naman! My mom got a little worried dahil hindi nya alam kung ano ang nangyayari sa akin. Gusto na nga akong dalhin sa hospital pero ayoko. I hate hospitals sobra. Even the smell..

Pero kahit may sakit ako, it didn’t stop me from seeing Don Bosco’s relic of course. Bosconian forever to kahit Tomasino na din. I was so excited to go. And to my surprise, nung nagpapatugtog sila ng Don Bosco songs, I still know them. Kahit yung prayers nila, and I am proud of it. I went with my brothers, Maia followed and did a foodtrip galore. haha. Ako din sana kaso I was not feeling well and the food didn’t taste so good for me at that time, kaya ng burger lang ako pra lang makainom ng meds. But it was fun, the whole family was there, considering lahat kami Bosconians except for my mom of course pero game din sya. She went there after work to see the relic as well.


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