Since when did I love being on medication?

hayyyy… eto na. Since I’ve been sick for the past 4 days, nagpanic na ang nanay ko. Just when I thought it was just plain stomach ache, na it was just amoebiasis and all, I went for my check up ayun na!!! “too much oily foods for you missy. Your intestine is having a hard time grinding your food dahil there’s too much oil and so nagproproduce sya ng too much acid which causes your stomachache ” huwaaaaat?!?!


“Starting from today, avoid or no more oily food, preferably eat steamed food. No more raw, and food that produces acid.” (craaaap!!!) For sure papayat na naman ako nito!Β  Ang tagal tagal kong tumaba and now just one tiny illness, BOOM! There goes all the fat. So long til next time na lang. And the worst part is I have to undergo medication (the part that I hate the most). I have to drink those stuffs till my tummy gets better.Β Β No more drinking and smoking na nga tas under medication pa… What a way to start the year…


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