I wonder…


Im just wondering if boys do the same thing that girls do when theyโ€™re inlove.

  • Did they write the name of that girl at the back of their notebooks?

  • Did they text their friends to ask some advice about the girl they like?

  • Did they run at the store to buy load when the girl text them?

  • Did they wait for 11:11 to wish for the girl they love?

  • Did they day dream about her?

  • Did they save the pictures of the girl in their phones or computer?

  • Did they stalk at the girlโ€™s Facebook or tumblr account?

  • Did they feel jealous if other boys like the girl?

“I think there are some boys doing that. But those boys are endangered. Boys that are doing that are those boys who are really into the girl they love. And I think girls shouldnโ€™t waste the opportunity having a boy like that. They should love him, because a boy like that is so hard to find.” – s.t.

– – oo nga naman! LOL!

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