a Pre-Valentine thought…



When do boys become men?

  • When they learn not to hurt us.

  • When they learn how fragile our hearts are.

  • When they are afraid to push us too far.

  • When they won’t even wrestle with us because we might get a bruise.

  • When they really truly love us.

  • When they leave a piece of them with us.

  • When their heart is ours and they will never truly care about anyone else.

When do girls become women?

  • When they realize when boys become men.

  • When they figure out that they pushed away the only man they would ever care about.

  • When they hold on tight to their man’s heart and never let go.

  • When they give a piece of themselves to them.

  • When they can never ever care about anyone the same way.

– so am I a woman o girl pa din? o baka naman man ako?! (lol)…




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