My Daily Wuht?! 021511

Isn’t it amazing, Loving someone which entails you to commitment, trust, respect and most especially friendship?

They say as time passes by, after all the years of sweetly loving each other and all the years of believing that you really love each other, the feeling eventually fades. And the things which keep lovers together are the feelings they have developed and acquired all throughout the years of being together. Commitment, trust, respect and most especially friendship.

I am looking forward to spending my old age with the person I love. And though I know challenges and whatever obstacle may hinder us, still, I believe that what we’d feel and the urge to keep holding on will surely lead us there. Who would not want to grow old with the person you love, right? I am sure each and everyone of us, with no call for single blessedness, desires to have a happy and satisfied coupled life. I know it is not easy. Holding on to someone might be one of the hardest thing to do. Even harder than letting go. For being together (of two very different people with different beliefs in life and raised differently) is never easy. Of course, there are ups and downs, negative and positive points and facts/truths (normal I believe) which bring different emotions to us as individuals. These things might make us so happy or might hurt us so much that would make us simply wanna let go.

Loving someone and keeping the one you love forever might not be that simple. Love is always wrapped with so much emotions: happiness, joy, all the blissful feeling, and of course sadness and pain. Yes the ones we love could hurt us. The people we love could inflict the most hurtful feeling. But I believe all of these emotions would make us stronger. Would make your love grow stronger. And if you will to surpass all the challenges then surely you will never have a lonely old age. If you feel by heart that you have found the person you want to spend your whole life with then it is just right to do all the possible things to keep that love and make it yours forever. Love, along with respect and trust will make the relationship fruitful, it will help you with your starting years of being together. Then, striving hard to keep the love alive will make you both develop deep friendship and lifelong commitment. Then, as time passes by, if indeed love fades, you have respect, trust, friendship and commitment to live along with.

I hope someday I, together with that special person can surpass all the life’s challenges…. By the way, if you are to ask me how to know if the person you are in love with right now is the person worth spending the years together, well… hmmm… I’m definitely sure you’ll know it by heart. 


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