My Daily Wuht?! 022811

Last day of February… ang bilis ng oras! March na and I’m about to go (hopefully). Alis na alis na ko, but I’m still waiting for my flight schedule na niresched. Sana ang flight ko after na lang ng anniversary ng mom and dad ko, or better yet after fiesta sa 19th. Natawa ako at the same time nalungkot. My Tita Girley was asking me yesterday if I already received my flight schedule, I was curious so I asked, “Bakit tita?” and she answered, “Eh nakakalungkot eh.” I laughed and at the same time I was touched. “Baka mas umiyak pa ko kesa sa inyong mag-ina”, she added. We are really a close family ang I am grateful for that. We all have our problems pero when things like this happen, we all feel sad at the same time happy for what that family member has achieved. like my brother Carlo, he’s finally graduating this March and all my uncles and aunties were so happy to see him march. It’s so nice to have a family to share these things with.


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