My Daily Wuht?! 030411

Craving for sweet stuff makes me feel kinda weird. Hindi naman ako mahilig sa sweets eh. Well Chocolates and Ice cream lang, pero I seldom eat sweet stuffs pa din. Ewan ko ba, I feel like the more I think about stuffs like what to draw or what to do with my design makes me wanna eat more. Eh hindi naman ako ganito dati. That’s why my mom was telling me “Oi parang tumataba ka nga.” It made me feel good knowing tumataba ako. I know its a pain for others to hear na they’re gaining weight o they’re getting bigger, but for me it’s not. Maybe because I’ve been slim my whole life. The only thing that’s always getting bigger (before) are my cheeks. haha.

Am I changing? Is it good? I think so. Change is good, lalo na if it makes you feel better, do stuffs that you’ve never done before and most especially if it makes other people happy. I have a lot of things going in and out of my mind, ang dami kong gustong gawin, lutuin, idrawing, idesign etc. At sa dami nila hindi ko alam kung san magsisimula. Ngayon ko lang naexperience to. Sa work siguro given, hindi naman ako nawawalan ng trabaho or atleast hindi nauubos ang trabaho ko pero hindi ganito yung feeling. Para kong nasa bucket, and ideas keep on coming and feeling ko natatabunan o natatambakan ako. haha. weird, sobrang weird ng feeling.

Oh well, lahat naman tayo may kanya kanyang weirdness. At impossibleng hindi ako weird. I’m an artist, and that fact makes me weird umpisa pa lang.. and I am proud of it. Kung hindi ako weird, sobrang lame ko siguro. Wala akong gagawin kundi magtrabaho, matulog uminom at magtrabaho ulit. Ang boring siguro ng buhay pag ganun. Ü


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