My Daily Wuht?! 030911

Tiring day. I woke up at 6:30 am for my check up. I don’t wanna be late because I know a lot of people will be rushing to the clinic on that same day and I wanna finish early because today’s Ash Wednesday and I’m going to mass. When I arrived on the said clinic, a lot of people were already there, to think that I arrived at the exact opening time which is 8:30 am. I was so sleepy and I was like in my own world again because I have to wake up early for the check up.

But when I saw this huge needle and syringe, my eyes went “WOW!” and I was scared. That huge thing on my tiny arm, must hurt a lot! When I entered the room the nurse was like smiling at me and said, “hi! good morning how was your sleep?” I was like ‘Don’t hi good morning me and then stick that needle down my arm.’ And that was not all, he filled the whole thing, not hald but the whole tube was filled with blood and the tube was like bigger than a Zagu straw: not good at all, but I have no choice. I’m not afraid of needles but when I saw that thing, it was bigger than a cross stitch needle, I was afraid it would hurt so bad that I might pull away from the nurse, but it was fine. And the whole day went on just like that, doctor after the other, I was so tired running up and down the stairs and I look like crap. Plus my blood type suddenly turned A when I was originally type O. I didn’t know how that happened but I’m gonna ask them again.

After the check up, I went home and rested for a while then went to mass. Proud of myself because I did fast today. Didn’t 1 whole meal today… felt good.Ü


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