My Daily Wuht?! 031211

I wanna go on vacation. But where to go? hmmm. tinatanong na ako ng nanay ko where do I wanna go, haha parang may balak sumama sa akin eh. I’ve always been curious sa mga lugar sa Catanduanes and Siquijor and Bacolod too. Yung uncle ko, sabi nya one time punta tayo ng Bacolod, ganda dun… pero di na kami nakapunta dahil magkakaiba ang schedule naming magpipinsan, and some of us have really hectic schedules kaya ganun.


Catanduanes in the Bicol Region  is in the Pacific Ocean, and is still virtually untouched by tourists, making it a great vacation getaway for those who want to relax for a while from the rat race. There’s this beach called Puraran Beach in the town of Baras on this island is the site of the so-called “Majestic” waves prized by surfers. The island also has as-yet-unspoiled white beaches all along its coastline, as well as diving spots for snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts, and cascading waterfalls farther inland. I wanna go there and go snorkeling. Wala pa kasi akong license to go scuba diving… haish.

Siquijor on the other hand, is known to many as a place of magic, mysticism and enchantments. It is frequently associated with phenomena beyond the explanations of science. Dito daw maraming “aswang” or “engkanto” like what the old folks are saying. I don’t know if it’s true or it was just a folk tale. For some, traveling to this island is not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit, yet for those who do go to this island, it is a beautiful place of natural white sand beaches, coral reefs, caves and forests. It is simply worth discovering. I’ve been to Sumaguing cave in Sagada, I wonder if the caves here in Siquijor are the same: a bit scary because it’s pitch dark, water’s freaking cold and better watch out for bat feces. hehe

I really wanna go!!! Feeling ko nga pwede akong tumira sa probinsya eh. It’s peaceful, air’s fresh and no damn traffic! haha. Pero shempre I can’t, ang work ko is on the city. hayyy. When I told my mom that I wanna go to Siquijor she was like, ‘mag Hong Kong na lang kaya tayo.’ TOINKS. too much for nature travel. haha.


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