My Daily Wuht?! 032911

Third day at work, I’m still sitting on my cube with nothing to do. I finished 2 volumes of Percy Jackson. I started reading since day 1. I got hooked, I have this thing with myth and God stories. Thanks to Dodie for letting me borrow the 3 volumes for without it I would have died of boredom. hahaha

Still getting used to the place and the people. Hindi man ako gaano naculture shock but there are some things I need to get used to.

Reality check #

  1. No PORK, just beef, veal and chicken and of course, lots of spices.
  2. ALWAYS carry & NEVER forget your passport since I dont have the Civil I.D. yet
  3. Get use to the dust and the sand of course.
  4. There are more private vehicles than public. Having your own ride is a big thing. You won’t worry about the gas anyways since it costs like 600 pesos (60 liters). hahaha, cheap right? Women who have their own ride usually drives Porsche, Ashton Martin & Jaguar. (why not?! Maybe after a few years I’ll have one too.) while Men have the big ones like Prado, Expedition, Fortuner or Ferrari.
  5. Offices have flexi-time. No lates or whatsoever.
  6. Get use to the smell because you’ll be inhaling the same smell everywhere you go. haha. It’s better for them to smell bad than you right?
  7. Even if it’s hot, you don’t wear short shorts & sleeveless. (that I will definitely miss) Most of them wear the same clothes as if it’s always winter (that explains the smell). haha
  8. Coffees, Juice and sodas are refillable. Almost everywhere.
  9. Prices on radio contests are like prices on Noon time show in the Ph. Don’t panic if you hear on the radio that you won 50,000 KD. (P7M+)
  10. When the boutique says they’re on sale, they really mean it.
  11. Philippine Mansions = Regular houses in Kuwait, and there is no such thing as squatters.
  12. Buildings have expiration dates. 20 years & you’ll have to demolish it.
  13. There are no electric cables near the houses.
  14. Every “barangay” or subdivision has their own stadium (believe it or not).
  15. Houses have no setbacks, except for corner lots which are used for parks only.
  16. Parking spaces in malls are FREE.
  17. There is such thing as perfume sale. Samples pa lang tiba tiba ka na. hahaha
  18. Cars are disposable. Use it for 2 or 3 years then buy a new one.
  19. You don’t ask banks for loans, they beg you to get a loan. And you can get like 10x your salary. LOL.
  20. You can get a tan even without going to the beach, haha
Those are SOME of the stuffs I have to remember. hahaha Loving the city, the buildings were like whoa! walang binatbat ang buildings ng Makati at Ortigas. hahaha


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