My Daily Wuht?! 040211


An ordinary Saturday, masarap matulog kasi malamig… just had a bowl of noodles for breakfast and that’s it. Mamaya I’ll go to church for an anticipated mass dahil may work na ako tomorrow. Pag sa amin ito, definitely maingay na. You’d hear the dogs barking, my mom yelling for help in the kitchen and the neighbors doing their own thing. Pero dito it’s quiet. Maliban sa tulog pa lahat eh no one’s getting out for a morning stroll. Tahimik lang, makakapag isip ka, makakapagreflect and think about stuffs na hindi mo maisip or hindi mo maplano before. Kung ikaw yung tipong sanay sa buhay Pinas, you wouldn’t like the place and you would be homesick… Pero for me it’s a different thing.

Being away from others is an opportunity for me to think about what I’d want to do with my life. Peace and quiet that you can’t get when you’re around them: there’s quarreling and gossiping and stuffs that you sometimes get so fed up that it makes your head a bit hazy. I like it in here. I miss my family of course, but as I’ve said, I want to give myself time away from them so I can really think which way I’ll go, learn new things, be on my own literally… So when I get back, I have stories and experiences to tell and achievements to share… Maybe this is also a way for me to challenge myself to become stronger than ever, face the challenges alone without anyone backing me up, so that next time when problem arises, I’d know what to do…



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