wala kong maisip na title… naalala ko lang bigla…

There was this story I remembered all of a sudden and I dont know why, I think it happened a year ago, I’m not sure about the exact date, but there’s one thing I’m sure of, it really happened because I was there, but didn’t know it was happening til she told me… I find it hilarious that I know that Ana felt it before and she knew it was coming but just ignored it.

Friend 1: I remember one scene where betty tried waking him up but he slammed him to the floor. Betty just went out with an aching butt. haha
Chord: (to Betty) Im sorry Betty. love you.
Ana: (stunned by what she heard her bf say but just kept quiet)

Chord: you know Betty is like this and that… Betty likes wearing blouses longer than her shorts etc…
Ana: (thought bubble, annoyed) okay I know Betty more than I know you now because all we talk about is Betty.

Chord: what do you wanna eat?
Ana: Whatever you’re having..
Chord: ayt let’s just have pancakes and eggs.

while eating…
Chord: you eat pancakes like Betty.
Ana: (silent for like 4 seconds) ah okay.
(then she remembered something Chord told him before – Chord: You know there was this girl I like but I think she doesnt like me…)

bottom line: why commit with someone else when you knew all along that you like someone else, that you liked Betty? Was it just so that the other would feel jealous because you found some other girl and you think she’ll eventually fall into your arms just like that, which is already the case right now. You’re happy I know, finally getting what you want and showing everyone that ‘Hey I already got a new girl.’

what about Ana? You didn’t even notice that you’re offending her before by just talking about Betty. It’s like saying, “okay we’re together but I’m thinking of her and I wished it was her not you.” And worst, she sees and feel something even if you dont speak of it. Actions speaks louder than words… Why didn’t you just admit that eventhough when you’re with Ana all you think about is Betty? So unfair right? And the fact that you’re comparing… that sucks bigtime. And now that you’re no longer with Ana and you knew Betty liked you too, you’d just go with it becauce you finally got what you wanted all along… Ana even thinks that it was okay that you two are no longer together because you’re already going after Betty… Whooa man, you are something… really… What if you were in Betty’s shoes? what would you have done if she was the one who did that to you?


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