My Daily Wuht?! 060211

It’s the 2nd of June and I have yet to wait for Friday or Saturday so I can buy my new gad! wohoo! I’m thinking of a new hobby besides painting and sketching.. but what is it particularly? I have no idea.I want to try something new since I can’t climb (literally) because there’s definitely not even a single mountain here, just loads and loads of sand and I can’t play either because it’s too damn hot outside, it’s like the sun is coming after you to toast you and give you skin cancer. lol. Most of the time I’m freakin bored and I think I’ve watched all the latest movies (seriously) on the web and downloaded them (take note: like 3 movies for only an hour) so I can watch them whenever I like. These are the times when I miss the Ph. where I can go out whenever I want, I can climb any mountain or hill anytime my feet itch for soil and most of all I caN get drunk and go home anytime I like without getting raped or harassed by someone. haha. BUT… everything has a but (even me! believe it or not) But, every choice has an equal responsibility and sacrifice. I wanted this so I must be responsible for everything: my self, my feelings, my cravings… almost everything. I also have to make sacrifices if I really wanted to succeed in my endeavors which includes being away from my family, not being able to do the things I used to do like going to the mall by myself just to look at stuffs and read books & mags on bookstores (lol), go out with maia & my other friends anytime I want… and sorts of stuffs. Well maybe I just have to get used to it and eventually I’d be able to have new hobbies here in Kuwait. Maybe I can do stuffs I can’T do in the Ph.. but what? still have to figure out that part yet… or who knows, maybe I can get a job like in Singapore like what me and my friends planned before, then maybe I can bring my family there or have my own family there… even better.


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