My Daily Wuht?! 061611

While chilling before I go to work, this article caught my attention… Napaisip tuloy ako bigla kahit di naman dapat. Lol. Anyways, I just wanna share… baka may mapaisip din… haha

20 Red Flag Rules That Tell the Truth


Relationships, and the dating process that precedes them, can be tricky. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you navigate the sometimes stormy waters of love, and help you determine if your guy’s really a catch after all.

Know Where You Stand

If you need to contemplate whether or not you’re a guy’s girlfriend, you probably aren’t. And if your “dates” with him consist solely of booze and booty calls, you’re not actually in a relationship.

– yeah having flings and being in a relationship is different… it would be better if you know wether its a fling or not. But most probably if you just date & drink and stuffs, it’s definitely just a fling.

 Understand His Intentions

If your date seems to expect not just a goodnight kiss but a till-the-morning romp ten minutes into your first date, we guarantee he’s looking for a bedmate, not a soul mate.

– haha I suddenly remembered something… and I would definitely not go for a guy like that…

 Watch His Morning-After Etiquette

After spending the night at a man’s house, be aware of his behavior. If he tells you he’s “got a busy day” the moment his alarm goes off, don’t expect him to take you to breakfast.

– Ganon? I think spending in a man’s house is very awkward especially if you’re still “dating”. Yung boyfriend mo na nga awkward pa din minsan eh lalo na yun hindi pa. Shempre for me I’m not the type who sleeps “just” anywhere.. especially in a man’s house… I remember staying in one and it wasn’t a nice experience at all. For me it was so embarassing. Imagine meeting a family member for the first time and you’ll get that bad first impression… not good at all.  it made me feel like “I should have went home..”

Take a Hint

If a guy explicitly says to you, “I’m never going to be the boyfriend-y type,” take his word for it and find a more loyal lad. You’re not gonna change him.

– BOOM! Never fall in love with a guy who has no plans of “going steady” or worst… never fall in love with a guy who’s priorities are all over the place. For me the guy my age should know his priorities, already thinking that “hey, I should be doing things far more important (and even mature) than getting drunk, flirting and just be a happy go lucky boy…”

Never Trust a Cheater

If a guy declares his love for you, and he’s currently dating his or your best friend, RUN!

 – talagang bestfriend yung example nya eh noh… haha Who would want to date and trust a cheater… right? I believe that “Once a cheater, always a cheater…” There was this friend who told me, “Ang ugali napapahinga lang yan pero hindi na yan naaalis..” which is true kasi no matter how hard he tries to deny it, lalabas at lalabas lalo pa kung ugali na nya talaga…

Beware the Momma’s Boy

A guy who’s not man enough to have your back on all occasions, even if it means upsetting his mother, isn’t worth keeping around.

– Momma’s boy? Ayoko nito… isa sa iniiwasan talaga yung guy who can’t stand on his own and who’s scared of his “Momma”. Haha

How can you have a relationship if you can’t stand on your own?

Make Sure He Puts in Some Effort

If a guy can pick up a phone and send you a text, surely he can use the same phone and call you with it. A man who can’t be bothered to actually talk to you isn’t worth wasting your time on.

– busy busyhan ang drama o ayaw lang talaga mag text? Lol… ako pa naman I get annoyed when you text and he wont even reply… no effort at all… kahit busy pa nga eh, why not text a simple, “Babe I’m kinda busy, can I just text you later?” kesa sa namuti na mata mo wala pa din reply and you dont even know why…

 Watch His Spending Habits

If your boyfriend has acquired over $385 in overdraft fees — in the span of two days — you probably won’t want to combine your finances with his.

– huwattt? Mas magastos pa sa girl?! A big no no… a guy is a major turn on if he’s like, “Let’s save together” kahit pa magkaiba yung pera nyo atleast you “save together”… it’s like you did something “together”.

Listen to Your Friends

If your close friends sit you down and tell you that they think you’ve changed for the worse since dating your new guy, don’t get all defensive — believe them.

– well dito ko bobo… haha. When my friends tell me that I became this and that after I dated this guy, I don’t immediately believe them. Shempre merong “May I defend” na nangyayari lalo na if I really liked the guy pero in the end, ayun sa kanila din ako umiiyak and they would say… as alaways… “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

Check His Ex Factor

If a guy you’re dating knows, to the day, how long he’s been broken up with his ex, he’s likely still in love with, or at least hung up on, her. You don’t want that kind of emotional competition.

– AHA!!! Boom na boom! Lol… Now I know… yung mga tipong, “I’ve moved on…” pero deep inside dehins pa pala… who wants competition when it comes to their man… right?

Look at His Past

If you find out your guy has never said “I love you” to anyone, even though he previously dated another girl seriously for years, this information could signal intimacy issues.

– anu ba puro issues ba ito? Lol… Intimacy issues? Yes. Trust issues? A Big YES!  Maybe he’s afraid to commit because he doesn’t relly trust the girl… kadalasan iniisip nila, “lolokohin lang ako nito” but in reality, he’s afraid because he has the intention of doing it… ayaw lang nyang maunahan or maisahan… i short gumagawa ng sariling multo… 

Get to Know His Family

How your guy’s close relatives behave and interact with each other could indicate who he really is, as well as explain how he got that way. The apple usually doesn’t fall all that far from the family tree.

– Of course… dapat talaga kilala mo yung relatives nya, same with him dapat kilala nya relatives ng girl because that is also one way of getting to know each other: through each other’s relatives.

Read Between the Lines

A guy who’s got marriage — to you — on the brain will eventually start speaking in we’s. If your man says “when I get married” rather than “when we get married,” he’s not thinking about anything long-term.

– ahaha when he says “When I get married…” it means its not you he wants to marry… lol.

Don’t Stand for Demands

Watch out for a man who’s not just taking the reins in your relationship but wrapping them around your neck with demands that are convenient for him but disadvantageous to you. You may want to knock him off his high horse before your heart gets drawn and quartered.

– in short dont go for those who are “nananakal” & “demanding”. Lol.. same with both man and woman… who wants a very demanding boyfriend anyways…

Ditch a Loser User

Never continue to date a man who asks more questions about your job than he does about you.

– segurista. Haha I thought girls lang ang ganito… may mga lalaki palang ganito… nakakaturn off naman… 

Beware the Control Freak

If your alleged knight in shining armor swoops in offering to improve every area of your life, he’ll probably end up trying to control your life. It’s one thing if he treats you like a princess; it’s quite another if he treats you like a project.

– Yeah mas okay kung inaalagaan ka kesa sa ginagawa kang puppet. Ika nga eh “sana nag aso ka na lang…”

Read the Subtext

If a guy feels the need to constantly assure you that he’s not critical, judgmental or self-righteous, we’d argue there’s a million-to-one shot he is.

– maybe that’s why he’s saying that because he just wants to fish for compliments like “Oh you’re not self righteous, you’re a good man etc.” But deep inside he is not.. 

Stand Your Ground

If your boyfriend tells you that you’ve “changed” since joining a gym or starting a therapy program or yoga practice, and that he’d like you to cease and desist, typically what he really means is that he thinks you’ve started becoming too good for him, and he would like you to stop.

– well that’s good right? It means tanggap ka nya kahit ano pa di ba? Mataba ka man, payat, sexy or wala man korte ang katawan mo…Sa bagay, nagustuhan ka nya before pa naman nag iba ang hitsura mo.. 

Check His Attitude

Inconsiderate and insensitive behavior during the so-called honeymoon phase of a relationship are red flags. Your guy’s not going to suddenly start treating you better once the excitement and newness wears off.

– LOL! Kahit hindi pa nga honeymoon period meron nang insensitivity at inconsideration eh di lalo na pag settling down stage na…

Know When to Leave

If your guy becomes indifferent to you, put on those walking shoes and get to steppin’. It’s better to have loved and lost than to be stuck in a relationship that’s no longer full of love at all.

– eto yung pinakamahirap gawin eh… lalo na kung mahal mo pa yung tao… It’s easy to say na “just leave him” pero sobrang hirap na pag gagawin mo na… nakakasira ng ulirat. haha


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