My Daily Wuht?! 071511

I just had the weirdest dream… Ewan ko ba kung bakit pero ang weird talaga… I was so tired last night so I dosed off early… And I had this dream… We were in an airport, and I am with someone but I didn’t see his face so I dont know who I’m with. Then naputol and the next scene was in an unknown place… It was like stores in Divisoria, but there are only a few people passing by and shopping, and there I was with this guy and it seems like we’re lost and we were asking direction. I was so scared because we dont know anyone and the place looks creepy, its like thugs are gonna come after us if we run. I told that guy I was scared so we decided to walk away from the place but it was too late, someone or some people are following us and it creeps me out so he asked me to run and ask for help… I ran and I saw the guys mugging him already. I wanted to go back but he told me just to go ask for help. I did ask for help but no one’s there.. Its like we’re doomed. So I went back and I saw this guy who’s about to throw a bottle in that guy’s face and I dont know why in that dream, I was running back towards that guy and screaming “No, please dont… please let him go.” And when I was close enough to see the bad guy’s face who’s mugging my supposed to be friend, guess who that guy was. I knew the guy. He’s an ex. How weird is that. He’s mugging the guy I am with.. what the hell right? I mean where did he come from? I saw the faces of the guys running after us but I didn’t see him and now he just pops out from nowhere… and he’s hurting my friend. and he doesnt seem to care whether he kills that person or not… very unusual. Well that ex of mine really looks like a trouble maker, I even tease him and called him “takaw away” before, but it’s really weird. It’s like he’s possessed in my dream. haha and then when he’s about to crack that bottle into my poor friend’s head, I woke up… What does that dream even mean? And who is that guy I am with in that airport and in that creepy place? And why is my ex in that dream mugging him? hayyy… I’m even sweating when I woke up, it was like I’m really there and it’s like I did run away from those guys, for real… haha


3 thoughts on “My Daily Wuht?! 071511

  1. michael flores says:

    yan ba ang date kung kailan nangyari ang panaginip mo? yan din ang date nung nasa mauban,quezon kami ng 2 barkada at kapatid ko, so 4 kami nun, pumunta kami sa bahay ng GF ko dahil monthsary namin yun, at d same time fiesta din dun, sa tapat ng bahay nila, yun ang kilalang haunted house daw, ewan ko kung gano katotoo, pero bago nung dumating kami dun habang sa haba ng byahe namin, madami akong nakita sa kalyeng para may shape ng tao pero wala naman, sa bilis ng takbo namin, mga 130kmh biglang may tumawid na kala ko kung ano lang, then pag preno ko, kalabaw pala, basta yung mahabang kalyeng yun eh “creepy” talaga.
    wala lang naishare ko lang din yung experience na yun, interested din ako sa creepy places, nagbbrowse lang ako, then nakita ko to. pero masasabi ko lang, asidde sa creepy places dun pag gabi, magaganda din ang tanawin dun pag umaga. thanks! TC! πŸ˜‰

    • yup. that was the same day na nanaginip ako.. really freaked me out kasi I was really sweating when I woke up… at ang weird kasi I really didn’t see the face of the person I was with at that time, lahat ng mukha visible except for that particular guy…

  2. michael flores says:

    enter lang ulit ng post para manotify ko sagot mo, ok din kasi pagusapan ang mga creepy places na yan hehe ty ulit. πŸ˜‰

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