My Daily Wuht?! 072111

Many girls out there wish they could be that guy for their girlfriend.  You know, the perfect girl.  They wish they had a voice to sing you to sleep.  They wish they had enough rhythm in their feet to dance for you.  They wish they had a creative mind so they could write breath-taking letters to you.  They wish they had an attractive body for you to drool over.  They wish they could be like the girl in those romantic movies that say the perfect thing at the perfect time to the perfect boy.  But some of us aren’t that gifted, simply because life created us just the way we are.  It kills us inside that we can’t provide more for our love.  But we have effort.  So please love the way we sing off-pitch.  Please love the way we stumble awkwardly on the dance floor.  Please love the way we steal lines from Dr. Seuss.  Please love the way we joke about our not so sexy bodies.  Please love the way we stutter due to the butterflies.  We might not be that girl in your dreams, but understand you’re that guy in our dreams…


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