My Daily Wuht?! 072411

I’m back to work and I’m sooo sleepy… napuyat ako dahil sa football game kagabi… I can’t say I enjoyed the game… besides the fact that it’s so hot in the stadium, come on… they lost, and Kuwait really nailed them 3-0. It was expected that they won’t really win this game because the Kuwaitis are more experienced, they are used to the hot weather and I hate to admit, they have a play and seeing them play, they seemed relaxed while our players are really pushing hard to goal.

The Al-Azraq (Kuwait team) backed up their pedigree with a solid attacking display to thump the hard-fighting Filipinos, who had two shots that hit the crossbar in the first 30 minutes.

The second leg is slated Thursday night at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila with the Azkals needing to win by four goals or more to make the third round for the first time. The Azkals now face an even bigger challenge when they go back to the Philippines for the 2nd leg of the qualifier. But the Kuwaiti players admitted that they were surprised at the level of skill that the Azkals displayed, especially in the 1st half… but it was not enough to win the game.

It was a nice experience for them, it would serve as their motivation to strive harder knowing that they are still far from  being in “FIFA level”. What’s nice though is, the whole sttadium was packed with Filipinos who supported them all the way, eventhough there was less hope of winning. There were like 80% Filipinos who watched the match and the crowd cheered as they played. Now we wait for the next game in the Philippines and hopefully they’ll get the chance to win, and definitely more Filipinos will be watching this game.


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