My Daily Wuht?! 073111

It’s the last day of July, and I can’t believe na August na! OMG!!! ayoko pa tumanda! hahaha. time flies so fast parang kakabirthday ko lang tas August na ulit?! But it’s not as fun as my last birthday, obviously since this is the first time that I’ll be celebrating it alone. 😦 First time namin ng mom ko at ni duday na magcelebrate ng hindi magkakasama, well ng hindi nila ko kasama… and what’s worst, it’s Duday’s 18th birthday and I’m not there! Sucks bigtime… anyways, it’s one of the consequences I have to deal with since I wanted to go away… I just can’t wait to see them again when I come home next year…

Tomorrow is also the start of Ramadan. This is also my first time to experience Ramadan considering I am in a Muslim country. Food and drinks and even smoking is prohibited from morning til 2pm. And if you are caught eating or smoking, you will be fined a 100KD + jail for like a month! Well, for us we can eat for as long as we eat in the pantry.. In my case, I love eating finger foods in my cube, well this month I can’t because I’m surrounded by my Muslim cube mates.. and that sucks too! oh well, I gotta have a heavy breakfast if I want to last til 12 for lunch. πŸ™‚

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