My Daily Wuht?! 080511

why does it have to hurt?

There’s no person that can enter love without hurt. I can say, I’ve experienced it. Love hurts simply because it is a test for both party, whether you’re strong enough to work together. And love hurts for us to realize our own mistakes and for them to realize that they made a mistake. Love hurts because of our imperfections, we are only human that’s why we felt the hurt so much that we can’t avoid it. Reality really bites and we must face and accept this reality. Love hurts for us to grow and mature towards each other. So that we can adjust… and really, love hurts also at the end only to find out that you’re not meant to be. Every person is for you, if we just have to accept them as they are and be real. But it hurts because some of us will take them for granted, and use love for pretending to get what they want… sometimes the only reason why love hurts were “greed”, “lust”, and “jealousy.” we sometimes love, but its not 100%. Love works only if you really love each other without hesitation and accept your partner as what they are. Love hurts because love was used and abused in the wrong way. But still don’t give up on giving love and just be yourself. Love will find a way.

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