My Daily Wuht?! 082911

Before, I can’t imagine myself seeing you with someone else, because I know that it will hurt so much. I know that it will forever break my heart. I don’t want anyone else to have you because I’ve invested so much emotions and feelings for you and I don’t want to throw it all away. I can’t stand the thought of knowing that someday, somebody else will have you, someone will love you more than I did, and you will be happier with her than me. but as long as you’re mine, I’ll give you reasons to stay so that you wouldn’t have a chance to trade me for somebody else.

BUT now… it’s the other way around… I’m glad it turned out this way, because I discovered that there are far more important things in store for me… and I also found out that I’m stronger than before… when I used to get depressed and sick when I get my heart broken… there’s no use crying over spilled milk… what’s done is done and you cant do anything to bring them back… you lose trust and some friends along the way, its sad but that’s how it really goes… there are still people left anyways and they are the ones who you can really say, “who stayed with you til the end.” I’m very thankful for those people, because most of them helped me big-time in going for what I really want and what I really deserve… now I can say I’m happy for me, in whatever I’ve become… and happy for you too…

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