My Daily Wuht?! 090311


everybody wants to have one. some said that having a guy best friend by your side will make you safe, no worries and broken hearts. but oftentimes, having a guy best friend is the main reason why most girls get brokenhearted. why?

  • as a girl best friend, you think that your guy best friend loves you more than a best friend. you feel like he’s falling for you, or he’s secretly in love with you.

  • girls center their attentions to their guy best friend.

  • they give everything to them and expects something in return

  • they secretly fall in love with him and is hoping that someday, there will be a chance for them to be together as a couple

YES, expectation is the root of all heartaches. It hurts for us girls to hide what we feel. especially if the guy best friend makes us feel how important ans special we are. But sometimes, we have to weigh things out. Girls usually misinterpret a guys action, so a friendly advice to guys, don’t make us feel special if you have no intentions on catching us when we fall. because it hurts ten times to lose a best friend because of love.


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