My Daily Wuht?! 110411

this is the first day of the long weekend and so far I’m enjoying it already… We went to the beach, supposed to be jet-skiing.. pero dahil low tide nag picnic by the beachΒ  and kite flying na lang… It was fun dahil hindi masyadong mainit because it’s start of the winter season already so medyo malamig na yung hangin…

Pero in fairness nakapagshorts pa ko kahit malamig hahaha.. parang namiss ko yung lamig dahil for the past months super init dito… So after the beach, we went home sa flat and nagprepare na for the inuman session (sa wakas!!!). hahaha It’s been a while since I got drunk haha.. drunk talaga eh noh… shempre relax relax naman hindi puro work… Akala ko nga papapasukin pa ko ngayong weekend eh magwewelga talaga ko.. Buti na lang hindi hahaha… Ice cold beer here I come!!!


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