My Daily Wuht?! 121611

Someone asked me, how do you move on? what do you do when you feel depressed? I know there’s an easy and a very common answer to this question: Divert your attention to something else. But does this apply to everybody? does this really work for most? I don’t know either…

Well for me, the best way and most probably the most effective thing I did was I climbed the mountain, (I really love nature, whether its the ocean or the mountains, I don’t really care…) and when I reached the top, I told myself, “Leave everything here, the pain, the worries the anger and the sadness that I felt over the past months… and when you climb down and get back to reality, you can have a fresh start…” It may sound mellow dramatic but I did it… I didn’t have to tell everyone what that climb meant to me but I know one person knew… that’s why she asked me to climb… The question now is this: Did I succeed? Did I really trashed all of those worries on that mountain? and the answer is YES! Thank God… When I was already back on the foot of the mountain, it was weird, and honestly It didn’t felt good at the start, it’s like empty. Then I went to mass after that and the priest’s homily was this: “When you love someone, did you choose to love that person? did you chose to feel what you felt? When you love, you just love… Same with our enemies, why do we hate them? sometimes we don’t even know why.. we just do… so instead of having this burden of having enemies, why don’t we just love them… forgive them and ask for forgiveness too… sometimes, we have to be humble or even humiliate ourselves to find peace… and who knows, that enemy of yours might turn out to be the closest friend you’ll ever have. We don’t have to be proud, because we are not perfect in the first place, so we don’t even have the right to be proud… so when someone asks or tells you they’re sorry, accept it without any doubts and vice versa, ask for someone’s forgiveness with humility and without any doubts as well. That’s where you’ll find your inner peace, that’s where you can start anew…”

So what do you think did I tell that person who asked me that question… 🙂


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