My Daily Wuht?! 121711

these are the times when I really miss being home…

when I’m sick there’s my sister who would rush down and  automatically cook my favorite mushroom soup for me, my mom and dad who would check up on me to see if my fever’s gone and if I drank my meds on time… my brothers who would snoop on my room and ask how am I doing… and since I’m here, I have to cook my own soup, monitor my med intake so in short I have to do it alone… It’s nice to have a family and I am super lucky to have one… although most of the time they’d be so irritating, but no matter what happens, you know they’ll stick with you til the end.

I missed them more when I had the chance to chat with them today… all of them have their own stories to tell… my dad who don’t usually talk much was there, my mom who most of the time did the talking (lols), and my siblings who teased me for gaining weight… I can’t wait to see them soon, I really missed them…


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