My Daily Wuht?! 122511

it’s Christmas today, its my first time or should I say this is my first Christmas here in Kuwait. It’s kinda sad since I’m away from home and I’m not used to celebrating Christmas away from home either… but I was touched when my sister called me via Skype and when the video popped out I was expecting to see my sister alone but there they were…

all of them waving at me and greeting me Merry Christmas. My cousins, my uncles and aunts were there and they were all happy to see me… “If you’re not here to drink with us, then let’s drink via Skype,” one of my cousins said. I missed them already, I am already counting the days before I can finally see them again. It’s been a year but it seems a lot longer than that.

And so today I am at work… (WTF!) Yes! I am working on Christmas Day. Ain’t that a joy for a kill joy… But what I like about going to work today is going around greeting everybody “Merry Christmas”. I find it very heart-warming because not all of us working here are Christians, most of the workers here are Muslims, but they were also roaming around as well, greeting everybody… It felt so nice, even if it’s once a year, the “Religion issues” are set aside. Even though for them it’s just a “season” to celebrate, for us Christians, its the season where all people of different races unite in Christ’s name who is the real reason for the season.


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