143, 1432, 1437, 1439: which of these would you like to hear from a loved one? a special someone? Probably most of you would say 143 is enough (since you don’t know what the other figures mean) but aren’t you curious what the other numbers mean? I actually got this from a speaker, his talk was about Emotions: love and pain. I was fortunate to hear his talk because honestly speaking, my past relationships were obviously ‘unsuccessful ones‘. And ’til now I really don’t know why it turned out that way, or maybe I do know, but it wasn’t enough excuse for it to be what it is right now. Everyone was eagerly listening to what he is about to say, maybe most of the people who attended is experiencing their first heartache, experiencing another failed relationship or even marriage. So he asked these questions:
‘How do you want to be loved? How do you love? How do you know if it is really love?’
‘Nowadays do we still hear the word 143 or do kids of this generation have another word for it?’ he continued asking… Everyone laughed, maybe the younger crowd thinks ‘143 is so 1990’s, so ancient!’ A thought came to my mind: Does love really goes out of age? or does it actually go or vanish at all? Then he started to reveal what the other figures mean starting with 1432.1432: I Love you IF… What does it mean?

… I love you IF you’d obey my every whim.
… I love you IF you’d buy me these stuffs.
… I love you IF you pay for me every time we eat out.

in short: Love with conditions: MATERIALISTIC / WORLDLY Love

When you love someone, do you really give or follow certain conditions? Is it real if you give demands, orders, exceptions?

1437: I Love you BECAUSE

… I love you BECAUSE you’re beautiful.
… I love you BECAUSE you’re sexy.
… I love you BECAUSE you’re rich.
… I love you BECAUSE you’re popular.

Bottom line: Love that is based on appearances, social status and fame: Love with STANDARDS/QUALIFICATIONS.

It is somewhat similar to Materialistic love. If we really love someone, do we set standards for them? It’s like hiring an employee with the highest qualifications. do we create a prototype of our ‘IDEAL’ partner on the person we choose to be with?

…MUST have great personality.
…MUST be 5’6″ in height (lol) and is fluent in English.

I also used to ask this question before because I am curious about what that person has to say. And somehow I know that the answers would boost my self esteem and trust but when the relationship ended I realized something: Those were just words that person said just to make me feel happy and maybe, just maybe to shut me up about asking silly questions because frankly speaking that person is not really capable of expressing his feelings thinking that it’s ‘UNCOOL’ for a guy to be very expressive and focusing more on ‘what other people’ would say rather than what he really feels..

Lastly 1439. Before he revealed what this figure mean, he showed a very peculiar smile, teasing everybody who’s dying to know what he’s about to say.

I Love you IN SPITE OF…
Everyone was quiet, I myself was thinking beforehand what it means and never got to that conclusion and also since he counted the in spite of as one word.

… I love you IN SPITE OF your fugly face.
… I love you IN SPITE OF your moodiness.
… I love you IN SPITE OF your financial status.
… I love you IN SPITE OF your lack of self confidence

Bottom Line: EXCEPTIONAL love. Does this really exist? Do people really love or even experience this kind of love? I had this thought in mind after he said that. ‘Only God has unconditional love because he is perfect. in our case: nobody’s perfect, so no unconditional love for us.’ But he knew that some would think the same way that I did so he said: ‘I didn’t say UNCONDITIONAL, just exceptional because only God could love unconditional.’ There you go. (lol) We are not perfect, we have flaws, differences which makes us human: imperfect, capable only of exceptional love.

One example is a parent’s love, a mother’s love. A mother loves her children in spite of what they are, of what they are capable of, no matter what they look like.

Can it also be applied to partners? Yes it is possible. Some may call it ‘Martyr love’ : I love you inspire of your being ill-tempered which hurt me sometimes, I love you just the same.

‘I love you for who you are,for what you are and what you are not and I accept it wholeheartedly.’

Now I’ll ask you again: Which figure would you want to hear from your special someone? Isn’t it obvious? Are we gonna be all lucky to have someone like that in our lives? who knows… but of course, it must go both ways… Compromise.


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