What’s your word?

I’ve always wanted to learn another language besides English and Tagalog of course. Fascinated by the other languages such as ItalianSpanish and Korean that I tried reading a book in Spanish and tried translating it in English and it’s so freaking hard if you’re not speaking or even practicing it. Well I learned a bit of Korean from a couple of friends, and by watching Korean movies, but I want to learn more. So I told myself from this day forward, I’ll try to learn a new word everyday. But it’s just not any word, it must have a meaning or purpose or it can serve as my reflection for the day. It actually took me four hours pondering on what word actually fits the day. Finally I came up with this word: cercare” – an Italian word for seek. “To seek” or to find yourself, to look for something that’s missing. I have no idea why I ended up with this word, probably because my purpose for leaving is to find myself: To see if there’s more beyond my comfort zone that’s worth exploring. Sometimes we go as far as we can so we can really recognize who we really are, what we’re capable of. Away from the family that is always ‘linked’ to who we are, to what we do, from friends that ‘defines’ our personality and from the environment that makes us feel ‘secured’.

But sometimes, being away or going away is not just ‘to seek’, but also ‘to hide’ from the things that we want to forget, from the things that haunts us. To stay away from the things that hurt and to seek for happiness wherever it may be and for the things that we think we really deserve…

And so now I ask you… qual è la tua parola? What’s your word?





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