‘Til we meet again…

I was at work when the 2nd game versus Ateneo began. I was so excited that I felt like I was in College again, and I am a thousand miles away but still I manage to wear a UST shirt to show my support.

It was one of the best moments in my College life because we love basketball. When I was still a kid I used to play ball with my brother and cousins at our backyard so its like our hobby when we were young.

It’s been 6 yrs since the last championship game, I was still in college and I witnessed the nerve wrecking pressure and excitement that I think most of the students and supporters are experiencing at that moment.

It was a great feeling: the sense of victory, happiness, glory, teamwork and most especially, the feeling of knowing that thousands of schoolmates, alumni and supporters are there watching and cheering for you all the way.

If I was one of the players, I would definitely be overwhelmed and touched. That was in 2006. Now its already 2012 and sad to say, It was a different feeling this time. I myself was hoping it would be the same, like what happened before, but as the saying goes, “Bilog ang bola” – anything can happen and there are no guarantees of winning. It’s just really heartbreaking, seeing there are thousands of Thomasians & supporters watching live and those that are watching on screen in the campuses and on their respective homes, praying for a repeat victory. Most of them even wore yellow as a sign of support and appreciation for getting back in the top 2 spots.

However, there can only be one winner. It can never be a tie or a draw. Unfortunately, we’re on the Loser spot. It’s not that they didn’t do their best or that the support is not enough. It’s not just their time. The crown is just not for them. Not yet.

Losing doesn’t mean we’ll stop fighting. Bowing down and admitting defeat doesn’t necessarily mean ‘Giving up’. Most of the time it simply means, “Stay alert… for we’ll get you next time.” Til the next season Tigers! 🙂


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