finalmente … il mio primo post di questo anno!

Well, this is my first official post this 2013 (finally)… Took me two weeks to create one. I don’t know, whenever I attempt to write something, my mind suddenly goes off somewhere (lol). How’s my Christmas, if you might ask? Honestly? Loneliest Christmas ever. It really isn’t fun when you’re away from your family during this season.Β 

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The worst part is that they are all in Manila, including my cousins from Australia, so what the hell! How lonely can I get, right? They’re all there having fun, getting all drunk and wasted while I’m here still working during the holidays. Sucks big time. I don’t know besides the fact that it was a no fun holiday, I didn’t even get the chance to hear mass on Christmas day T_T. That was the first time (and I hope it’s the last) that I wasn’t able to go to church and it was a big thing for me. It was so depressing really… So after talking to everyone on the phone, I just decided to dose off to lessen the depression and homesickness (haha poor me). And with that horrible experience I swear, I’ll be spending Christmas at home this year. By hook or by crook. πŸ™‚


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