Someday… maybe.

In the end, we were just two people with feelings, caught up in an idea we could make it all work.


Timing really is everything, you never learn to appreciate it until it stops two people from being together. And maybe one day we’ll run into each other and the timing will be right, our lives less hectic than they are now, and you’ll be wearing some blue shirt as always and I’ll be wearing shorts and fitflops when it’s entirely too cold and we’ll laugh and smile and begin again…

Or, maybe we won’t…

But I am hoping, we will.


not enough

Sometimes no matter what I say, how hard I love or how long I have tried. Sometimes is it just not enough.

No matter how long I talk about it, how bad I want it to work, how many ways I look at it. Sometimes it is just not enough.

No matter how much forgiveness is in mu heart, how willing I am to fix whats broken, how many years I have put into it. Sometimes its just not enough.

No matter what how many steps I take to keep if from falling to pieces, no matter how far I am willing to go to get it right, no matter how bad I want to keep it together for everybody,  my friends and family or simply for the dreams I have for my own heart for the future. Sometimes it is just not enough.

Sometimes I run out of faith that love will be enough.

Sometimes I am are strong enough to know when to say when..I to have had loss of love and loss of faith. I can promise you that time will heal you and make you stronger for it. I’ll just keep my head high, my heart guarded and take baby steps forward… and I’ll survive hopefully…